Providing Expert Legal Representation in the State of Georgia

Established in 2015, Hays Potter & Martin LLP sets the standard in providing quality legal representation while ensure that our clients remain our top priority in all situations. With 70 years of collective experience, we are able to represent a wide variety or clients and legal issues. 

Our Services

Hays Potter & Martin attorneys have represented clients of all types – suppliers, subcontractors, general contractors, developers and lenders – in the construction industry, including arbitration and litigation of lien, bond and federal Miller Act claims. As a practice emphasizing construction law, HPM monitors case law, statutory developments and regularly updates its clients on important changes in the law to help preserve the client’s interests before problems arise which may result in litigation. Our focus and expertise allows clients to rely upon our services in construction matters beyond the borders of Georgia. Representative clients in the construction fields include Vulcan Construction Materials, Sunbelt Rentals, Inc., and American Builders and Contractors Supply. HPM handles all phases of Construction Litigation, including the enforcement of mechanic’s liens and materialman’s liens, construction contract drafting and litigation involving all phases of commercial construction.

From representing creditors nationwide in collection actions to defending companies in federal court, HPM handles commercial litigation across the state of Georgia. Whether the client is a sole proprietor or a NYSE-traded company, each commercial matter receives particularized attention and attorney services, through negotiation, dispute resolution or litigation, focused on providing the best results regardless of the size or venue. Representative clients include Quest Diagnostics, Bank of the West, John Deere, and Financial Pacific Leasing, Inc. HPM is a full service Commercial Litigation firm offering our clients cost effective, aggressive representation in all aspects of commercial litigation, including collections, garnishments, lien enforcement, fraudulent transfer litigation and commercial landlord-tenant litigation.

With attorneys admitted to practice in all three federal districts in Georgia, HPM represents creditors exclusively in bankruptcy court, handling everything from filing proofs of claim and stay litigation to trying objections to discharge. Our clients have come to rely upon us for quality cost-effective defense of preference claims in Georgia and beyond. Creditors in bankruptcy cases have usually suffered enough; being overcharged by attorneys is literally adding insult to injury and we are determined to provide the best results obtainable at a reasonable rate. Through our professional affiliations, HPM is able to offer our client representation in bankruptcy matters nationwide, including the prosecution and defense of preference claim; defense of lien avoidance actions, defending challenges to proofs of claims, and the pursuit of fraudulent both inside and outside the bankruptcy arena.

HPM represents a number of nationwide leasing client with all matters arising from the enforcement of Equipment Lease Agreements, including personal property foreclosure actions, recovery of leased equipment, and pursuit of deficiency balances.